Healing Environments

StoneCircle is dedicated to increasing individual and organizational knowledge and understanding of the powerful role our physical environment plays in supporting physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

Healing Environments is a place on our site where you can learn about the elements that contribute to life enhancing design. You will find articles written by Victoria Stone, Principal and Founder of StoneCircle, which share her philosophy and experiences in the design of healing and sacred spaces. A new article will be offered each quarter which will address a specific element of life-enhancing design.

Have Questions About Healing Environments?

We invite you to submit questions you may have on the design of healing and sacred spaces to our, "Ask Victoria" column at: askvictoria@stonecircledesign.com. Each month we will select questions to be answered on-line.

Articles on Healing Environments:

Healing Environments
Labyrinths as Healing Tools
Designing Sacred Space: Designers as Healers

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