Virtual Labyrinths
  StoneCircle is very pleased to provide to you with two different virtual labyrinths to experience. They have been created using Macromedia's Flash technology. So if you have yet to load the flash plug-in into your browser, we highly recommend it so that you may experience our site as a healing environment for the web!

Victoria Stone, StoneCircle Principle
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  Cretan Labyrinth Experience
This classical Cretan labyrinth pattern has appeared for thousands of years in many variations throughout the world. The labyrinth can be found as both an image and metaphor in ancient myths, architecture, art, dance and indigenous rituals.

With seven circuits, this labyrinth’s paths have been associated with the seven primary energy circuits of the body known as the chakras. The chakra energy system is the basis for many complementary and alternative healing practices including acupuncture and various forms of therapeutic touch. Each chakra has an associated color and sound vibration. We invite you to explore the labyrinth through the colors and sounds of the seven chakras.

We are providing two separate walks through the Cretan labyrinth. One is a visual experience the other a toning experience.

The Chakra tones were provided by Tonesinger Karolyn van Putten, PhD.


Chartres Labyrinth Experience
The labyrinth’s use as a spiritual tool dates back to the 13th century when it was placed in the floors of gothic cathedrals in Europe. There it was walked as a symbolic journey to the divine. This is where the roots of the labyrinth as a walking meditation are found. The most famous labyrinth in Europe is in the floor of Chartres Cathedral in France. In the last few years labyrinths have been reintroduced as tools to support the spiritual journey. The labyrinth walk is a spiritual healing ritual that provides courage, insight and understanding in facing life’s challenges.

We encourage you to relax and take a breath before entering this labyrinth. As you slowly follow the path, a guide will "walk" you through the experience.


To learn more about the labyrinth as a healing tool please see this article.

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