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Victoria Stone, StoneCircle PrincipleWe specialize in design that nurtures and supports the inner journey towards health and wholeness. We are innovators in the design of Quiet Rooms, Labyrinth Walks and environments that enhance complementary and alternative care programs and services. StoneCircle brings together a talented group of artists and designers to create environments that celebrate the art of healing.

What is a Quiet Room?

A Quiet Room is an oasis during a busy day. It’s a place that nurtures all the senses and provides a supportive environment for being quiet and rejuvenating the mind as well as the body. It is also a place to reconnect with our own inner source of healing. Facing a chronic or life threatening illness can be extremely isolating and frightening. Environments that support spiritual exploration and expression help create a bridge from fear to faith. In the process, the experience can be transformed into a journey of trust and understanding.

What is a Labyrinth Walk?

The Labyrinth Walk is a symbolic journey in the form of a walking meditation. It is an ancient universal pattern representing the path of life. Walking the labyrinth path is a healing ritual that allows us to release everyday thoughts, open to inner wisdom and integrate new insights into our lives and work. The labyrinth is an effective tool for supporting spiritual self-care, professional renewal and community health promotion.

Quiet Rooms and Labyrinth Walks are custom designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Please see our portfolio section for examples of some of our work.

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